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GC CFA Black Pearls Yeti of Adorable Cat

 Grand Champion CFA for 1 show at 12 months!






 6 BEST CAT in TOP CAT WCF 2010 year (all breed) on a rating of Russia

and BEST PERSIAN of BREED (all category) & BEST PERSIAN CAT on a rating of Russia


Black Pearls Wonderful Daemon

of Adorable Cat




Welcome to the cattery "ADORABLE CAT"
My cattery is registered in the CFA # 223437
My name is Eugene Antipina, I am the mistress of a small cattery. It is located in the suburb of Yekaterinburg (Russia country).
Our kennel specializes in breeding Persian and exotic cats bicolor
colors (Van, Harlequin, bicolor) and silver tabby.
The aim of our nursery, getting healthy, beautiful and happy kittens with wonderful gentle nature,
in a modern style, with sweet, doll face, with huge wide
set eyes, small ears and a short powerful body.
All animals have an excellent condition, soft and gorgeous
balanced, temperament.
In our breeding program are used only RKD-negative cats.
In breeding our cats used the line also known kennels:


"Black Pearls", "Dark Diamond", " Purfurvid" , " Psymis", " Parti Wai","Exotic Style", "Malinka", "Single", "Candirand","Ocalicos", "Pensfordhill", "Prestega", "Fancy Family", "Bryn Mawr", Dark Diamond, Ocalicos, Lisa-Light,Byhishands, Brannaway, Blueskyees, Miarte,Candirand, Tehy, Bocasana, Catillak, Wattkatg.



Enormous thanks:



Olga Khalikova cattery "Black Pearls" CFA

Jeanne Scholz-Snyder cattery "Purfurvid" CFA USA

Irina Samuolene cattery "Dark Diamond" CFA

Anastasia Naumova cattery "Single" CFA


When you have any questions about my cattery or upcoming litters 
please send an
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Do not forget to leave your impressions in the guest book,
We will be pleased to read your comments !!!
Thanks for visiting!
Yours Eugene Antipina !!!

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